I’m Jeff Salzenstein. Former top 100 ATP world ranked tennis player, turned entrepreneur and executive coach.

I have a strong passion for helping people transform themselves from who they are now, to who they want to be — helping them become the best possible version of themselves… …helping individuals develop the tools to seek better performance and a higher quality of life…creating long term success strategies – as well as quick wins to build momentum day in and day out!

My diverse experiences as an entrepreneur, coach and former tennis professional gives me a unique perspective from which I can use to…

  • Reveal “blind spots” that show up – things that are holding you back that you’re too close to see yourself
  • Help you open up new possibilities to conquer problems and challenges by creating a deeper sense of self awareness
  • Obliterate the distractions that are stopping you from reaching your true potential
  • Help you become more accepting of yourself in this high achieving culture where our results often determine our identity and self esteem (you can shift this perspective to gain greater freedom and fulfillment in life)
  • Ask thought provoking questions that can help you discover parts of yourself you didn’t know existed
  • Come up with tangible action steps and solutions to not only deal with challenges…but also to thrive and enjoy those challenges as they arise

Speaking of challenges…

Overcoming The Impossible

If you have a goliath of a challenge that you’re driven to achieve – a challenge that everyone else has told you is “impossible” – I can help guide you through it, and have your back every step of the way… like your own personal corner man.

I’m no stranger to overcoming “impossible” challenges myself.

After 2 major surgeries before the age of 25, almost everyone had written off my chances of ever breaking into the top 100 as an ATP tennis professional.

I was determined to prove them all wrong.

That was when my obsession for learning about human performance first began. I studied everything I could get my hands on relating to mindset, nutrition, holistic health, fitness, athletic performance and injury prevention.

All of which played a key role for me in becoming the first American to break the top 100 past the age of 30 – back when 30 was considered old in the world of pro tennis.

Things were going great!

But just 3 years later, a sudden turn of events started to unfold that would change the course of my life forever…

Finding That Next Chapter In Life

Walking away from something that you’re deeply passionate about, and discovering that next chapter in your life is never an easy thing to do.

But that’s precisely what I did in January of 2008.

I was experiencing some health problems that were keeping me from competing, so I was taking some time out to visit family.

It was then that I walked into the bedroom of my 17 year old half brother, and the horror I saw next will be etched into my memory til the day I die.

I saw my brother lying there…barely conscious…foaming at the mouth!

He had been using drugs the night before and the days and weeks leading up to me walking in on him that morning…

Thankfully we were able to get him to the hospital fast and he managed to pull through.

But it was in that moment that I decided to retire from pro tennis for good…

And go “all in” to help my beloved brother.

Serving him powerfully trumped chasing wins on the ATP tour at a time when I was really doubting my purpose as a pro tennis player.

Thrust into this unexpected position, the decision to retire from pro tennis cold turkey felt right in my heart.

I’ll be the first to admit, walking away from a career you’ve spent your entire life building and stepping into the unknown is daunting.

Especially when you allow so much of your identity to become intertwined with your career – Doing anything else with your life can seem downright scary and unimaginable.

However, change is the place where the most growth can a happen. Even if it is super uncomfortable.

That one moment of sudden change has taken me on a path that has lead to a much more fulfilling life than I would have originally thought possible.

As a tennis player there was always something missing. I loved tennis and I loved the journey, but coaching is where my heart is.

As a pro tennis player I was athletic, explosive, smart, and found ways to win with my big serve and forehand…

But despite all my talents, I was never driven by rankings, money and fame.

In fact, I was more passionate about learning about all things performance in the areas of mindset, athletic performance, meditation, injury prevention, nutrition, communication, and spirituality… so much more than I was about competing on tour.

I realize now that coaching is what I really desired deep in my core.

Helping people filled me up more than playing myself.

My true gift did not lie in my 130 MPH serve… but in coaching others.

Communicating with them effectively. Giving them inspiration, clarity and confidence to help them reach their goals.

So if you’re at a crossroads in your life, or things are not flowing the way you want…

If you feel uncertain about what your next best move is…

…I can help you lean into your fear… embrace the murky waters of change… and help you come out the other side with a more happy, more successful and more fulfilling life.

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