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Creating impact and legacy within your organization requires tools and strategies that athletes and other high performers have cultivated over time. Finding that performance “zone” as a leader and as a committed team is the key to success and growth. Do you want to take the next step to create transformational results?


Learn How To Use Simple Strategies And Techniques To Handle Stress, Increase Energy, And Optimize Performance By Teaming Up With Jeff.

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“Jeff Salzenstein is unlike anyone I’ve ever known. As a person and as a coach, Jeff is high-driving and performance-oriented, but somehow manages to find the optimal balance to also have a daily rhythm that involves calm and peace within. Jeff has mastery of mindset.  He has a totally refreshing outlook that is encouraging, motivating and inspires his clients to push forward into new territory to claim not just success, but a calmness of spirit that can exist in both success and adversity. I’ve learned so much in working with Jeff.  Jeff has had a tremendous, positive impact on my life and I am very grateful to work with him.”
David Kubik
President, Transform Wealth
“Jeff Salzeinstein is the package deal! Not only is a high-performance coach, he also has the ability to get to the core of who you really are, what you really need and push your hot buttons to get effective results both on and off the court. He is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word because of his ability to work hard, give 100% effort and focus to any project and player that he is working with and is relentless in the pursuit of excellence. He leads by example in his professional approach, self-care, and inspires others to bring out the best within themselves. One of my favourite qualities about Jeff is in his unique ability to approach situations through a different lens cap and see solutions and possibilities in all situations.”
Emma Doyle
Energy Coach, and Author of What Make a Great Coach
“In my 38 years of coaching Stanford University men’s tennis teams to 17 NCAA championships, I had the privilege to work with many outstanding young men. One of the most gifted players and people I ever had to coach was Jeff Salzenstein. A great player in his own right, Jeff is an even better performance coach. As a performance coach, Jeff combines his unparalleled expertise in the areas of peak performance (mental toughness, motivation, nutrition, fitness, and more). A true student of optimal performance, Jeff has a unique and highly effective way to communicate with and guide his clients, so that they can achieve both their short and long term goals. I strongly recommend Jeff to any person who is eager to go to the next level in tennis, in other athletic endeavors, in business, and in life.”
Dick Gould
Former Men’s Tennis Coach at Stanford

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