Emma Doyle

Co-founder of The Connection Game

“Jeff Salzeinstein is the package deal! Not only is a high-performance coach, he also has the ability to get to the core of who you really are, what you really need and push your hot buttons to get effective results both on and off the court. He is an entrepreneur in the true sense of the word because of his ability to work hard, give 100% effort and focus to any project and player that he is working with and is relentless in the pursuit of excellence. He leads by example in his professional approach, self-care, and inspires others to bring out the best within themselves. One of my favourite qualities about Jeff is in his unique ability to approach situations through a different lens cap and see solutions and possibilities in all situations.”


VP, Caesar’s Entertainment Corporation

“Jeff has been a huge help to me in many aspects of my life and I believe a lot of his genius lies in his ability to make complex issues very simple. He has a great way of understanding the different mental patterns people get entangled in and his approach to solving them is straightforward, exciting and liberating. He helped me recently uncover a negative mental pattern that was holding me back in my own tennis career and we came up with a solution to change my behavior and my perception which lead to great improvement. Jeff’s perspective is uncommon and he is one of a kind when it comes to his approach towards life, he is a fantastic teacher and a lot of fun to work with!”

David R

“In working with Jeff more closely in the last year I have discovered that Jeff’s ability to advise and inspire goes far beyond the tennis court.  His life experiences of victories and triumphs as well as defeats and heartaches have been food for a rich inner life that makes Jeff able to understand and guide others. But though Jeff has thought deeply about his own experiences he is not merely intellectually analytical.  He brings a perspective that, though intellectual, recognizes that the intellect can only take one so far. The fullest advancement toward one’s life goals needs all one’s faculties. Jeff not only recognizes this but, I was rather startled to discover, can help with all of them.   As a seeker himself, Jeff understands the pitfalls of seeking for its own sake, of getting caught in a search loop. While constantly curious and open to ideas, he nevertheless seems always to expect progress and results. I have been especially impressed with Jeff in these last few months by the thing that impressed me the first day I met him: his ability to meet everyone where they are and take it from there. He is no “one note samba” with an approach or two that he tries for everyone. As someone who has struggled for years with health problems, I have seen that sort of approach too depressingly often.    His ego is clearly not at stake and that frees him up not only to look at each person with compassion and genuine interest, it allows him to ask other experts for advice. Finally, Jeff seems like one of the few professional helpers who seems eager to work himself out of a job.  He is genuinely trying to teach me to fish, and not to be my lifelong fish supplier. Even when that happens however, I will gladly and gratefully consider him a friend.”

Dick Gould

Former Men’s Tennis Coach at Stanford (Best college coach of all time!)

“In my 38 years of coaching Stanford University men’s tennis teams to 17 NCAA championships, I had the privilege to work with many outstanding young men. One of the most gifted players and people I ever had to coach was Jeff Salzenstein. A great player in his own right, Jeff is an even better performance coach. As a performance coach, Jeff combines his unparalleled expertise in the areas of peak performance (mental toughness, motivation, nutrition, fitness, and more). A true student of optimal performance, Jeff has a unique and highly effective way to communicate with and guide his clients, so that they can achieve both their short and long term goals. I strongly recommend Jeff to any person who is eager to go to the next level in tennis, in other athletic endeavors, in business, and in life.”

Frank Giampaolo

Sports Psychologist

“You (Jeff) have the great experience of a player that a lot of us don’t have and that is mind boggling right there. What you’ve seen and the level of what you see in things is obviously 99% higher than the other coaches. There’s only a handful of you guys in the world that have the playing experience and the coaching experience and that love for the game. The ability to pass it on, help it nurture and help people. I applaud you for that.”



“My name is Detria, and I have a son, Noah, who’s 17. Jeff first came into our lives when Noah was 8 years old. We lived in Colorado, and we didn’t know a thing about tennis. But my son, has become quite a performer, really, as the result of our first and ongoing encounter with Jeff.I have this son who really has this passion and desire, which I would say was first really sparked by Jeff. And that is Jeff’s gift. I think Jeff has been an incredible tool for me as a parent, in terms of how to do that, how to do that in a very healthy way. Jeff completely shifted my son’s approach to competing. Jeff has essentially really turned my son into a completely new player, because of his belief system… the way he walks… the way he talks… the way he prepares for a competition outside of the warming up. When I speak to my son about what is it about Jeff that has made this complete turnaround, and he said, “You know, he just knows”.  It’s Jeff’s approach, in terms of always knowing – in any situation – how to turn it around. There’s never been a situation that Jeff came back with an “I don’t know.” And for me, that’s something that’s priceless. So, there’s not been any skepticism, really. Because of the truth. Because of the honesty. Because of how rich the answers are, and really it works. Jeff’s mindset performance training really helped my son, in terms of him being more confident on the court. Since my son has been part of Jeff’s mental performance training program, he’s much more thorough. He’s much more diagnostic. And he’s much more disciplined… and I would say that these are things that are now carried over into other things that he’s doing in his life. The biggest change that we’ve had as a family – and certainly my son, in terms of his development as a player – since we’ve been involved with Jeff as a performance coach, has really been how to win. It’s been such a beautiful journey watching my son win, and I think there’s a lot of success and losses which Jeff has also taught my son. But ultimately, there was no greater joy than to really see him turn a corner and start to win.”

Paul Goldstein

Men’s Tennis Coach at Stanford

“I have admired a lot about the way you’ve approached the game for a long time. More than anyone else on tour, you provoked innovative thought – meaning you were trying things that I haven’t heard from other people. Some were a little kooky, and didn’t work for me, but you made me think about myself in a different way, and you’ve had a significant impact on how I live my life today. From a coaching perspective, in the last year or so, I have relied on you when trying to help team members through challenging experiences, situations. I’ve relied on you more than anyone else. More than any other coaching influence. And so, you’ve had a significant impact on how I’m trying to run my team… how I’m trying to create leaders for my team members… and a significant impact in terms of self-improvement: always trying to learn and learn more and become better. And I think you constantly are challenging yourself to do that, and that’s easy for people around you to see.”

James McGee

Tennis Professional

“I’ve been doing performance coaching with Jeff, specifically for my mental side, over the last sort of 6 months, 6 to 8 months or so, and I’ve been feeling a great benefit from it. Jeff’s very easy-going; he’s very easy to talk to. He has been a great help, and above all, it’s great having someone who believes in me. There’s definitely times as a tennis player where you’re traveling alone a huge amount. But when you have someone who’s in your ear… in your corner… who you know believes in you – it makes a big difference. He really is excellent at what he does. He asks a lot of questions—that’s one of his biggest strengths—and what he does is he asks questions that will help me find the answer for myself. I feel that’s absolutely excellent, because it means that when I’m not with Jeff and when I’m alone and I might not see him for the next 2 or 3 months, I can ask myself those questions that he had asked me, and just sort of be my own sort of coach. Jeff is putting me in a position where I can coach myself and where I can help myself. I believe you can do a huge amount by yourself as an athlete or as an entrepreneur or a businessman. But at the end of the day, it makes a massive difference when you’re learning from someone else. When you have a mentor or a coach or someone in your corner that you know believes in you; you can ask questions, you can sort of share your doubts… share your wins… share your losses. And to have someone like that, it makes the journey much more enjoyable. There’s been times where I’ve been playing tennis and I would hit the best shot of my life, and I would look into the crowd and there’ll be no one there. And even though I hit a great shot and I was successful, it wasn’t nearly as enjoyable as hitting that same shot and smiling over at a friend who’s watching. And for me, that friend is Jeff; he’s been always in my corner, always believing. And I believe it’s important for anyone who wants to really reach their highest potential and reach their highest highs – that they will need someone in their corner For me, Jeff is that person. He is that person who’s helping to guide me and helping to make me a better person.”

Peter F.

“I have worked with Jeff over the last year and as many of this students already know he is a truly inspiring and impactful coach. His love for the game and hard-won insights on what it takes to produce in big moments is atypical. He helps you know what to focus on first to build up a strong foundation and encourages you to take risks and stay calm in the heat of battle. I have never before experienced such breakthrough results as a tennis player and it is a direct result of his highly customized drills and match strategies. Jeff’s insight on what it takes to achieve at an elite level in sports has a benefit beyond tennis. For example, his coaching on how to improve focus, nutrition and fitness helps create great habits. Ultimately it is about getting results and this is Jeff’s specialty and I am delighted to have him as a coach.”