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Leadership Alignment

I all know that getting aligned so that our values match our vision for the team and the organization is essential to success. With executive team alignment, decisive, strategic actions can be taken to achieve tremendous results. Aligning your executive team will result in a remarkable new sense of synergy, trust and productivity. It first requires diagnosing any potential problems with your leadership alignment, then formulating a plan to address them and synchronize your leadership team.

Market Ranking

I know losing market share in an ever-changing market is one of the biggest challenges of modern businesses. What if not being #1 is directly related to not being able to see the forest amongst the trees? Getting out of the box, and developing innovative strategies and flexible tactics at a time of uncertainty are keys to winning your market. A big key is to discover creative expansion solutions that will allow you to capture a greater market share with the resources you may already have and are underutilizing.  


Uncertain Future

Execution and Performance

A root cause of an underperforming executive team is when each individual starts to struggle with showing up each day as the best version of themselves, in the way that a pro athlete would be expected to. Without the ability to handle stress when the pressure is highest, leaders suffer. Without having the skills and know how to properly recover like pro athletes would, the team underperforms. The Start with the Finish framework provides the wellness tools, tactics, and mindset strategies to show up everyday ready to win.

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Leadership Coaching

Get laser focused, targeted perspective from a high performance coach dedicated to help executives tap into their potential in business and in life.


Let’s go deeper with the Start to Finish framework that will help executive teams. Thrive in the fast paced world of uncertainty, disruption and growth.

Executive Retreats

Executive teams immerse themselves in the training and recovery strategies followed by elite pros. Learn what it takes to be an elite athlete under tremendous stress.


Powerful stories from the athletic world demonstrating invincible mindset strategies needed to win in business

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Start with the Finish Performance Model

As a performance coach, Jeff combines his unparalleled expertise in the areas of peak performance (mental toughness, motivation, nutrition, fitness, and more). A true student of of optimal performance, Jeff has a unique and highly effective way to communicate with and guide his clients, so that they can achieve both their short and long term goals. I strongly recommend Jeff to any person who is eager to go to the next level in tennis, in other athletic endeavors, in business, and in life.

– Dick Gould

John L. Hinds Director of Tennis, Stanford, University

Jeff has been a huge help to me in many aspects of my life and I believe a lot of his genius lies in his ability to make complex issues very simple.


Serial Entrepreneur

Jeff’s insight on what it takes to achieve at an elite level in sports has a benefit beyond tennis. For example, his coaching on how to improve focus, nutrition and fitness helps create great habits. Ultimately it is about getting results and this is Jeff’s specialty and I am delighted to have him as a coach.

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